We highly recommend that you thoroughly know your surrogate before starting with the program. For the same we follow a protocol and expect you to understand it.

Who can be a surrogate mother?

We have a stringent selection procedure for the surrogate mothers and select few out of many. These women are mostly housewives, socially responsible having kids of their own which proves of their fertility.

Our surrogate mothers have best of heath, good obstetric history and are free of sexually transmitted diseases. We give you the blood reports of the selected surrogate mother on selection of a particular surrogate

Our Surrogate selection criteria

Women between the ages of 22-29 years having a sincere urge to help other couples
Women who are having their own children in the past and understand the importance of carrying a pregnancy
Women who have had a good reproductive history and no complication during delivery
Women who are supported by her husband and family in undergoing this selfless event
Women who understand the importance of hazards of addiction on pregnancy
Women ready to undergo evaluation tests, psychological counseling and stay with us if need be

What is your role in surrogate selection?

You will have to select a surrogate from the database provided to you post your enrollment with us. These surrogates have conceived naturally and will have undergone all necessary blood investigations and scans.

Once you have chosen your surrogate, we will then send you

Detailed profile
Blood investigations reports of infectious diseases
Background check
Scan reports and 
Psychological counseling reports
On confirmation of  the surrogate we will put her on birth control pills to match the cycle