For the successful completion of your surrogacy program it is indeed a very important step to know each other and understand the problem thoroughly. For the same we will be requiring a few documents and medical reports from your side. We will make you understand your role in this entire process and what is expected from you.

Step 1

First and foremost we will require your

Medical history
Detailed reports of past surgery
Treatments and detailed obstetric history

Step 2
We will then discuss your case among our team members and give you the best opinion for the treatment here in India.

Step 3
Once you have enrolled with us and registered we will let you choose a medically and psychologically fit surrogate from our database   

Step 4

Surrogate’s and your cycle is coordinated by putting both on birth control pills. Depending on the time schedule we will start the down regulation using GnRH analogues.

Step 5

Hormonal stimulation to stimulate the ovaries will start as soon as you commence with your monthly bleeding cycle and will continue for about 10-13 days.

Step 6

Both the surrogate and you will be monitored regularly to confirm the date of ovum pick up.

Step 7

Once the date of ovum pick up is finalized, we will intimate you and you will have to come to India for your pick up by the 6th day of your stimulation.

Step 8

The male partner is required to deposit two samples of semen for freezing purposes. It would be advisable to give a fresh sample on the day of the ovum pick up and have abstinence for about 48 hrs
Step 9
On the day of the pick up you will be admitted in the hospital for few hours

Step 10

Post 48 hrs of pick up you can then travel back to your state or country or be with us till Embryo Transfer. Your stay in Mumbai, India would be as short as 8- 10 days