Being located in Mumbai which is the heart of India and now considered as a surrogacy centre with a large number of surrogates and egg donors to select it becomes very accessible and easy for parents to realize their dreams at the most affordable price.

Global Surrogacy India is a team of professionals working in the field of Surrogacy and Egg Donation for the past 5 defined years. It mainly worked for the Indian Intended Parents but now has broader vision to help couples globally.

The team works as a family which reflects in our belief of making family a possibility.

We provide hand holding services right from the airport pick up, to selecting hotels on your behalf, making you personally meet the surrogate, we be there during the egg pick up or Embryo Transfer, assist you in agreement signing and happily answering all your minor queries.

We always engage you and make you a part of the whole procedure.

For us every patient’s success and happiness matters and we work hard to achieve the same.

We are in par with the industry as regards to our success rates. From the past years we have gained our reputation in providing invaluable support, compassion and consideration to our intended parents.