It is legal in India for a single parent to undergo a gestational surrogacy program.

The procedure for a single parent surrogacy is the same as a routine gestational surrogacy, however in cases of single father surrogacy program an egg donor would be required with all medical reports and detailed medical history before starting with the program.

For a single mother surrogacy program, the surrogate and your cycle will be matched with birth control pills. You will be stimulated after the onset of your monthly bleeding and the surrogates’ uterus will be prepared for the embryo transfer.Once you are ready the egg pick up will take place and fertilization will be done using a donor sperm. The embryo will then be transferred in the uterus of the surrogate on day 3 or day 5 post fertilization.

For a single father
, the egg donor and the surrogate mothers’ cycle will be matched using birth control pills. The egg donor will be stimulated on the commencement of her periods and the surrogates’ uterus will be prepared using hormonal injections. After the egg pick up the eggs will be fertilized using fathers sperms and the embryos will be transferred accordingly to the surrogates’ uterus.

Two weeks post the embryo transfer a β hCG test will be conducted to confirm the pregnancy and we shall report you accordingly