Different countries and states have different law system pertaining to surrogacy. 

We do not accept cases which are legally not approved by our surrogacy lawyers.

However, we promise to assist you with all legal documents that we need to prepare for your surrogacy if our lawyer approves about your case.
A thorough background check of the surrogate is performed and only those women with complete set of documents are chosen for our program. 

We will also require all valid documents from your side so that a legal agreement is made ready when you reach India.
 Legal agreements with you and the surrogate are duly filled and signed before the procedure commences. 

Complete legal care from inception to delivery is provided by our legal experts so that you and your baby will be in safe hands.

Please write to us in case if you have any specific query on legalities concerned for your particular country. We work with the best of the lawyers who are believed to be the masters in surrogacy law.