Since 2002 the procedure for intended parents to undergo gestational surrogacy has been legalized. Before we start the procedure we will require a detailed medical report and past investigations of you and your partner.

We will then choose a surrogate in par with your criteria and co-ordinate your cycle with hers using birth control pills. With the commencement of your periods we will start you on stimulation to recover mature eggs from your ovaries. We will stimulate the surrogate mother to prepare her uterus for receiving the embryos.

Once you are ready we will conduct the egg pick up and fertilize the mature eggs with your partners’ sperms. The embryos thus generated will be transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother accordingly.

Two weeks post the embryo transfer a β hCG test will be conducted and repeated 48 hours later to confirm the pregnancy. A third test may be conducted if need be. This will be informed to you duly and the surrogate mother will be supported on hormones and medications on a positive pregnancy report.