It is very important that you know your egg donor and choose her by your own free will. We have with us an exhaustive list of educated and non-educated donors. You have the freedom to choose them depending on their extended profiles.

We choose donors depending on their medical history, personality, educational qualification and psychological analysis. We understand your concerns about the egg donors hence we give you a detailed report and an extended profile that makes you well aware of the woman you want to choose as your donor.

Not all women can be egg donors. We follow a stringent selection procedure for egg donors and recruit them on the basis of their medical histories, genetic history, and family background (medically). Hence we provide the best egg donors for you to select.

Process Overview
We can advertise on your behalf in the local newspapers and help you choose the right egg donor.
We educate all egg donors before they enroll for the program
It is mandatory for all egg donors to undergo blood investigations, scans and psychological counseling in advance
We have legal agreements once you finalize on your egg donor
The intended parents identity is never revealed to the donors
Donors undergo stimulations and regular ultrasound monitoring is performed. The trigger is given before
36 hours of the egg pick up
The egg donor is admitted before the pick up and discharged on the same day once all her reports are