It is a golden opportunity to all non-working and professional women to help a couple in need. We understand the importance of your time, and for this noble gesture of yours’ we compensate you too.

However not all women can be egg donors. We follow stringent criteria in selecting egg donors and those who match these requirements can contact us if you are interested.

Criteria for becoming an egg donor

Women between the ages of 21-30 years
Women having their height and weight in proportion
Women having good health and follow healthy living styles
Women ready to undergo medical, psychological screening
Women who can take the time for stimulations, monitoring and egg retrieval procedure
Women not engaged in drugs, alcohol or smoking
Women who are responsible, who understand the importance of the procedure and have an urge to help a couple in need

The procedure is simple, easy, safe and rewarding. We promise to maintain 100% confidentiality.

The process of egg donation will not hamper your future health both general and reproductive. Women in India are allowed to repeat this procedure only 6 time in their life span and with an interval of 3-4 months between each donation.

If you are interested write to us at, we will be happy in providing you more information and counsel you thoroughly before you enroll for the same.